Poem 2 – 2015 Limerick


Ich sag es Dir ganz unverhohlen
Der Tod der kommt auf leisen Sohlen
Eben noch fröhlich und frei
Ist plötzlich alles vorbei
Und Du guckst herum wie ein Fohlen

Ich sag es Dir unumwunden
Du hast Dich vergeblich geschunden
Bei Schampus und Wasser, Lachs oder Brot
Er kommt wann er will der kleine Tod
Und dreht ganz von selbst seine Runden

Ich sag es Dir ganz ohne Not
Das Leben ist wie Hundekot
Mal hart mal dünn
Und immer ohne echten Sinn
Der große und der kleine Tod

Listen, I tell you my boy,
Dying is not at all a joy
You think it’s easy to go that way
But alas it’s fighting day by day
And the long black box is not a toy

Listen girl, let me say,
You cannot order him for the month of may
It doesn’t matter whether rich or poor
The petit mort will hit for sure
Don’t hold him he will run away

An outcry here for everyone
There is no meaning under the sun
Except your very individual plan
The only way that really can
Give your life a bit of fun

Poem 1 – 2015 Tanka


Sorglos frohgemut
Gleiten wir durch die Zähren
Unsrer Ahnen hin

Als ob wir glücklich wären
Mit unserem Lebenssinn


With joy and sorrow
We sail on Lake Lacrymal
Grown in centuries

And all the way we borrow
Sweetly salty melodies

Triumph …


… is to complete this photographic challenge. The little woodcarved figure in front of my computer is Lakshmi the hinduistic goddess of the universe, responsible for happiness, love, fertility, wealth, health and beauty. Lakshmi never settles down for long and if you try to keep her she flees immediately, like photography101, a course of wordpress‘ blogging university which ends today. May everything we learned improve our photographic skills and, who knows, Lakshmi may lead our fingertips from time to time when we capture a lucky moment with our cameras.

Double …


… often causes trouble. A double entry for example brings trouble with search engines. Sometimes it creates joy when transforming from sculpture to real life which is the case with the ancient artist Pygmalion who fell in love with his own creation. Here you see this version of a double. Shot in summer in South of France.

Glass …


… of spirits causes different layers of reality in your brain, which lead to different visions. Well , actually only if you have a glass too many. Fortunately you don’t have to because with a camera and glass you can have the same effect on your eyes without getting tipsy for a while. On this pic you can see the neighbour’s house in the background, a table on the balcony, the framed window, my shadow taking the photo, a cushion on the arm of the sofa and the housebar’s glass door integrated in a shelf reflecting all this.