Triumph …


… is to complete this photographic challenge. The little woodcarved figure in front of my computer is Lakshmi the hinduistic goddess of the universe, responsible for happiness, love, fertility, wealth, health and beauty. Lakshmi never settles down for long and if you try to keep her she flees immediately, like photography101, a course of wordpress‘ blogging university which ends today. May everything we learned improve our photographic skills and, who knows, Lakshmi may lead our fingertips from time to time when we capture a lucky moment with our cameras.

Double …


… often causes trouble. A double entry for example brings trouble with search engines. Sometimes it creates joy when transforming from sculpture to real life which is the case with the ancient artist Pygmalion who fell in love with his own creation. Here you see this version of a double. Shot in summer in South of France.

Glass …


… of spirits causes different layers of reality in your brain, which lead to different visions. Well , actually only if you have a glass too many. Fortunately you don’t have to because with a camera and glass you can have the same effect on your eyes without getting tipsy for a while. On this pic you can see the neighbour’s house in the background, a table on the balcony, the framed window, my shadow taking the photo, a cushion on the arm of the sofa and the housebar’s glass door integrated in a shelf reflecting all this.

Treasure is…


… a pars pro toto. My cherished dog’s paw in the pebbles. It’s a visual version of „Là ci darem la mano“ (Give me thy hand, oh fairest), a duet Mozart wrote for Don Giovanni and Zerlina. Another line is „Andiam, andiam, mio bene“ which is in the english version „With thee, with thee, my treasure“. Imagine a nugget (gold or chicken) under the paw, if you need something to justify the shot. 😉

Landscape …


… is a wonderfull format for a panorama of nature or city. The first photo shows a small tuscan town near Lago Trasimeno. The idyllic position on a hill was what caught my attention. The second has a connection to my blogpost home. Instead of looking at the monastery there you see here the panoramic view over the bavarian outback to the Alps. I always imagine pushing away this chain of mountains. If you could do so you would see Venice – a city that I love almost as much as my Munich.

Swarm of Sweets 😊


Seeing this window display 46 (!) years ago at Xmas in Munich, Bavaria, was a shock for my taste buds. How does one survive in a city with this swarm of temptations, not to mention the „gutbürgerliche Küche“ (i.e. homemade dishes) in those days? Fortunately I’m still alive and kicking, so somehow I managed it. In the reflection on the glass you will notice a building with columns, which is the Bavarian State Opera, and a monument of the bavarian king Max I. Joseph. Do not compare the prices with today’s. Your hair will stand on end!