Triumph …


… is to complete this photographic challenge. The little woodcarved figure in front of my computer is Lakshmi the hinduistic goddess of the universe, responsible for happiness, love, fertility, wealth, health and beauty. Lakshmi never settles down for long and if you try to keep her she flees immediately, like photography101, a course of wordpress‘ blogging university which ends today. May everything we learned improve our photographic skills and, who knows, Lakshmi may lead our fingertips from time to time when we capture a lucky moment with our cameras.

14 Gedanken zu “Triumph …

  1. Well done! 🙂

    I’ve been trying all week to accomplish something on my computer. If I had finally succeeded I too would have used the machine as my subject.

    Where would we be without them?

  2. Well said Luther 🙂 Its a sweet surprise to know you know of Hindu deities ….It was an amazing experience indeed ! You response to last theme is amazing.How did you do the 1st picture ?

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