Moments …


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… often are just coincidence, like this unexpected visitor in the garden which was attracted by the yummy eucalyptus tree leaves. The little koala took our presence into account but couldn’t resist. He sat there for quite a while enjoying his luscious meal. Here you have four lucky moments in a row. Sliding – Thinking – Climbing – Digesting. The last one is more to satisfy my feeling for dramaturgy.

12 Gedanken zu “Moments …

  1. Cute! I like using the slideshow feature in Gallery, too! It takes up less space and provides a ’show‘ for the viewer. I like to provide music and hope that someday a widget for auto-play of music is developed so the viewer doesn’t have to start it before looking at the slideshow. I’m hopeful.

  2. Amazing! haha I really enjoy the sliding and climbing moment. Would have loved to actually see the koala sliding down in action! And looks like the koala is having a bit of difficulty climbing.

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