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The difference between the left and right pictures is obvious. The centre of attention is shifting from multi to mono just by eleminating the colour. Left has the ceiling, the podium, the audience and the jacket in the foreground. The b&w version is dominated by the podium and, as a surprise, you notice the steps on the left side of the motif more clearly which underlines the music hall’s depth in a different way.

The Munich Concert Hall is my favorite symphonic spot in the city where I live. It’s built on the site of the Bürgerbräukeller. Adolf Hitler made some famous appearances there and was attacked 1939 by a bomb thrown by Georg Elser. This wasn’t successful because the „Führer“ left by coincidence earlier than planned. Elser was arrested and later on murdered in the Dachau concentration camp. Nowadays there is a commemorative plaque honoring him, explaining what happenned. Thinking of this period I still feel ashamed because Germans brought the bastard Hitler into power and, much worse, couldn’t get rid of him without foreign help. As a student I lived across the road from the site and watched the building of this concert hall. Today I appreciate visiting concerts of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra there and I smile when a famous jewish musician or conductor is performing on the former nazi spot of hate.

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  1. I always convert a design to black and white before I begin to stitch. This has been an interesting exercise as it has not occurred to me to do this with photographs on a regular basis

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