Warmth …


… in a photo is always a matter of the quality of light. Two pairs of pics. The Villa Maser in Veneto was taken in the morning light and in the afternoon light. The camera was a Nikon D3100. If you click the pictures you will see the full motifs and the camera values. The sunrise and sunset were made in the Uluru National Park with a Rollei RCP-7430 and a Nikon SQ.

15 Gedanken zu “Warmth …

  1. It is as if the sunset gives you a warmer feeling because the sun is „warmer“ Sunrise goes too fast to really capture the warmth or golden color(that’s my feel of it!)

  2. Great shots. These really show the difference between the two golden hours! I doubt we will have one of those today – but we might just make ’silver‘ with this amount of cloud cover.

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