Water …

Kanal in Chioggia

… can be turned into wine. Or was it the other way round? Some people preach water but drink secretly wine. If you’re in tears you are living close to water. It’s possible to use water as a street. Years ago a guy walked over it. Mostly you cross it with a boat like the inhabitants of Chioggia in Italy where this scene was shot. Chioggia is a lovely city opposite Venice. You can reach the Serenissima by vaporetto. It takes you approximately 45 minutes. In 1762 the venetian Woody Allen, Carlo Goldoni, set his comedy „The Chioggia Scuffles“ there.

12 Gedanken zu “Water …

  1. I smiled for the similarities in our posts themes on this project 🙂 I would have gone with the double rainbow for bliss too, but I had posted it just some weeks ago 🙂 I like the scenes in all these posts.

  2. Hi, Mr. LUTHER.
    I’ve tried to post an answer to you, before, but the app wasn’t working. Let’s try again.
    My point is/was: First, thanks for your comment. Very smart and poetic.
    Actually, this pic was took in an early morning in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, USA… So the light coming from the sunrise was beautiful and the atmosphere calm and inspiring… That’s it.
    Greetings from Brazil.

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